The referendum is over but this is only the beginning

So we’re out. As much as everyone would like it to be over, this is only the beginning.

No one knows what is going to happen over the next six months. Personally, I think Cameron should have committed to staying as Prime Minister until the exit negotiations are sorted.

The government has to do everything it can to keep as much of an even keel as possible. Of course he will have to go eventually, but handing over the reigns of power now seems like madness.

Furthermore, the rhetoric from Leave has been so vitriolic against the EU any hope of securing fair (not even favourable) terms for the UK’s departure will come down to how diplomatically the UK government can handle itself.

The EU has shown it doesn’t listen to demands. Whoever begins negotiations will have to play their hand extremely carefully to try and avoid the punishing exit terms which have been threatened.

The UK has to realise this is a PR disaster. We look arrogant, petulant and parochial.

We must do everything we can to illustrate the commitment to internationality that was voiced from both sides during the campaign, anything less will only damage us further.

Scotland will most likely have another independence referendum within the next three years and Sinn Fein has called for a vote on the reunification of Ireland. There’s every chance this is the first step to the end of the UK.

Leave politicians must bring Remain voters on board and convince those at home and further afield that their victory was because of sound argument and wasn’t just the UK throwing its toys out of the pram.

We have to tread more carefully than ever and try to find a way forward while people are still licking their wounds.

Say what you like about Cameron but he is a leader, and over the next three months he has to rise above the wreck of his own party and prove his commitment to the British people despite their vote against him. It’s the least he owes us.

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